In the garden, growth and decay are simultaneous and symbiotic. It is a space that functions as a measuring device for non-human and non-linear time. A series of production sites, working away at some unknown produce.
This project is deeply rooted in the local. Attempting to navigate through different ecological scales, from the micro to the human. Observing how these ecologies can combine and intermingle.

The permaculture framework acknowledges a dependency on the intricate networks of co-operation and collaboration that exist on a micro level. Can these symbiotic relatios be amplified and used as a template for tangling artistic practises.

This outdoor studio will be given over to a series of artists, writers and scientists. Each individual will be able to shape the studio space to suit their needs. It might be used as a place to continue an ongoing project/ investigation, a space to research, write or contemplate or it could be used to stage a site-specific intervention. This project is open and driven by the input of collaborators, there is no fixed outcome.

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